There’s a first time for everything

HELLO! If you are reading this, let me start by saying: keep your expectations low. I am not a writer, nor will I ever claim to be. I have mastered homophones such as they’re, there, and their, but as my mom has told me time and time again, I write like I talk. Brace yourself-there’s a reason I went the science route.

I think it’s only fitting for my first post to bring you up to speed on the present. We’re at the very end (15 more days!!) of construction on our new home. It’s an absolutely beautiful semi-custom home in a neighborhood in the middle of horse country in metro Atlanta. A semi-custom home means the builder has a couple of floor plans you get to pick from and then once you’ve chosen that, you get to choose the interior design aspects and have control of what “upgrades” you want to add to the house. For us, it made the most sense to make sure we got the bones how we really wanted them. Structural aspects are a whole lot more difficult to change than design aspects, so our “upgrades” were mostly structural. While the house is semi-custom and has a lot of beautiful features, there will be A LOT that I will be changing. Scott tells me at least 3 times a day that I’m crazy if I think I’m going to be taking on project after project but let’s be real, all of my projects have been “do then ask for forgiveness later” type of projects, and he hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet 🙂 New construction means while everything is new, there’s a lot of character that will still need to be added in order to make it feel like home.

Enough with the words, here are some pictures!

I fell in love with the lot as soon as we stood on it. It’s at the bottom of a cul-de-sac and it has a stream at the bottom of the backyard. Here’s the first picture I took of it right after we went under contract back on New Years Eve (could we have picked a better way to ring in 2017? I think not!)


From there, things kept moving right along. We were slightly nervous to build a home, as we had been told by different horror stories from various people but knock on wood, our  building experience has been wonderful.


They broke ground in February, just as they told us they would, and that was the first time our vision began to become reality. When you buy a lot, you are only given a rough idea as to where the house will sit-you have no idea how exactly it will be engineered on the property. Once the foundation was poured, we were ecstatic to realize that we had even more land in the backyard than we were expecting. I don’t know who was more excited-Rex, Rambo, or me 🙂


That giant hill you see is actually all of our land too. While the above picture does the backyard absolutely no justice, the flat part before the hill is actually quite large. I don’t mind that there’s a hill at the back part of our yard because it will be a nice privacy barrier, and will also hopefully keep snakes and other wildlife coming up from the stream and tormenting the dogs (and me!).


Once the walls started going up, my excitement grew exponentially. This was by far my favorite part of the build process. Watching the walls go up is truly fascinating. They had the entire house studded out in 2 days. TWO DAYS!!!!! I asked our builder if they would hire me as their intern. Apparently my current career skills aren’t marketable to a construction team 😦



Seeing the rooms with just studs was fascinating to me. The intricacies of construction are incredible. Again, this was by far my favorite part. There were two guys who framed the entire house during those two days. Can you even imagine going home from work and being able to say that you literally built half a house in a day? And I thought I had a busy job!


At this stage I kept having nightmares that the covered lanai on the back of the house was going to come crumbling down. You can’t really tell in those pictures but those 2 beams are extra long 2×4’s. That was it. 2 2×4’s holding up an entire roof. Thankfully, the guys who built it are much better at structural support in their builds than I am (my #1 rule: I don’t build anything that may break under somebody’s weight 🙂 ).


I imagine being a drywall professional is a very frustrating job. My only experience with drywalling came when I ripped the mirror off the wall of our old house’s guest bathroom and there was a 3 foot hole behind it. Needless to say, we contracted that one out to Scott’s brother, Doug. Not my favorite part of construction but boy does it look so good after!


While they were drywalling the interior, another crew was working on the exterior facade. You will realize a common trend the more I post but my favorite color scheme is “light and bright.” I like to look at a color and feel happy. I will do a separate post on the design elements we went with and the reasons for them, but holy cow, we hit a home run with the color scheme we chose for the exterior (If you don’t like it, I guess it’s good that you’re not the one who has to look at it every day 🙂 ).


I love wainscoting and plan to do a lot of it inside of the house, so it’s only fitting that there’s an element of it on the exterior as well.


The brick color is also a personal favorite of mine, as it has a natural white-wash appearance. I personally dislike two kinds of brick: red brick and dark brick, so for us and our house, this was the perfect choice.


Once the concrete gets poured, we REALLY got a feel for how our lot is going to be once we move in. I really wanted to get there while the concrete was still wet to put our initials into but alas, it was already dry when we got there 😦


The above picture is close to present-day. Landscaping is done, grass is in, shutters are on, but it’s still got a fair amount left to go. We visited the house yesterday and I couldn’t put my finger on why the house looked a little off still to me. It wasn’t until Scott asked the builder when the gutters were going up that I realized that was what it was! You don’t realize all the little parts that are on a house until they’re not there.

If you’re still reading this, it’s very clearly not a DIY post. As much as I wish I could build a house, I’m still working on building small pieces of furniture. #goals Moving forward, I imagine that the majority of my posts will be before/afters or affordable hacks for many of my goodwill finds. There will be nothing new on here that you won’t be able to read much more eloquently on the 3 million other DIY blogs, but this way you will know what specific project I’m working on 🙂


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