This is why I could never be a blogger

Almost three months later and here I am, back for an update post!

I blame my lack of blogging on the premise that I’d rather be doing the actual projects and crafts than wasting my time typing about them 🙂

We have gotten so much done in the short amount of time that we’ve lived here. Slowly but surely we’re turning this beautiful house into our cozy, dream home. Every time I walk into a room it seems like I’m writing down another project on my to-do list. It kills me that so much of what I want to do aesthetically can’t be done within the first year. I am counting down the days until I can paint every single wall in this house. The “off white” walls are haunting me. I’ve always interpreted off white as a member of the beige/tan family and if you know me, you know I’d rather live in a neon yellow house than have a single earth tone located in my residence. Remember: brighter is always better.

I also can not wait until I get to do some of the wood wall projects I have planned. According to our builder, painting and doing projects such as board and batten (which will be ALL OVER OUR HOUSE COME 2018) shouldn’t be done in the first year. Something about you need to wait for the house to settle and for them to come back at the year mark for their follow up inspection/repairs before taking on any of those types of projects. Ask Scott, every day that I’m off I ask if I can do it in just one room and every day he tells me that I have to wait 😦 My patience in putting these projects off is wearing thin so don’t be surprised if I can’t help myself-it was after all, only a recommendation 🙂

The very first project I took on after moving in was building a new bookshelf for the office. The only casualty of our move was our bookshelf. The movers underestimated it’s top-heaviness and when moving it into the POD, sent it smashing into the driveway. We weren’t that upset about it as it was an old bookshelf that I’ve had since college and am pretty sure I bought at Wal-mart. I had been eyeing a few of my favorite bloggers for new replacement ideas when I came across the perfect one. Jenwoodhouse is one of my go-to bloggers and wouldn’t you know, she had recently posted the plans for a bookshelf beauty. I don’t have my basement workshop set up yet so I bargained with Scott to give me the garage for 2 days. Even though he’s always VERY hesitant to let me take on these projects, he agreed and actually ended up liking the end result! The bookshelf was going to set up residence in the office (one of the first rooms you come to from the front door) so the pressure was on to make it look good.

I took some pictures of the build process but of course I can’t get them to upload. It took me about 7 hours in one day to make all the cuts and join all the shelves, and then another couple hours the next day to finish building it. Once it was built I took a sander to it and then stained it in one of my favorite stain colors. There are very few parts of the build process I don’t like but staining the final product is at the top of that list by a long shot. Once I get to the 75% finish mark, I start to get antsy. Thankfully, I only had to put one coat on this bad boy for it to look like the shining star it is. The picture below is that of the final styled (I’ve changed it since taking that picture over a month ago) shelf.


My favorite “quick-win” project to date took place in the kitchen. Here are a few “before” shots of the kitchen (Note to self: get better at taking before shots-I have no “before” pictures of the completed kitchen from when we moved in):

As you can see, the pendant lights are boring builder basic. I had asked the builder if they could just pre-wire for the pendant lights and then we would put some in once we moved in, however, that wasn’t an option. It was an all or nothing so we sucked it up and lived with the lights for a few months. You don’t realize how much a statement light piece can elevate a room until you put one in! I still get googley eyes when I stare at the ones hanging above that island in present day. My dad taught Scott and I how to do the electrical work for lights/fans when we moved in and wanted to quickly put ceiling fans in all the rooms. (I honestly have no idea how people can live in a room that doesn’t have the capability to circulate the air-it makes it so much cooler!) This electrical knowledge was clutch as I was able to take down the old lights, and then hang the new lights all by myself. I’m actually still proud of that achievement 🙂

Our kitchen currently looks as follows:

IMG_3019Needless to say, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The changing of the lights really did bring it from being really freaking pretty to a show-stopper. It’s probably the most “complete” room in the house and it always looks so clean-even when it isn’t. Seriously, I sometimes find myself standing aimlessly in the kitchen and just taking it all in. The kitchen will be 100% perfect the day I get to paint a new color above the cabinets 🙂

Rex is going nuts and I have yet to start my to-do list for today so I’m going to wrap up this post by leaving you with those two updates. Stay tuned for updates on our deck, my DIY frames, a gallery wall and some other living room updates.

Hopefully I’ll post before another 3 months passes.


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