Holy Moley we have a fence!

The biggest house transformation to date came in the form of a whole lot of cedar! When we started thinking about selling our old house and moving towards the end of last year, we persistently talked about the importance of our next house having a yard that we could fence for the dogs. When we found our current lot and stood on it trying to imagine where the house would fall and what the yard would look like, we never imagined that we’d have as big of a flat part in the backyard as we do. Once the house started being constructed and we saw what we were working with, we were so excited because it meant that we’d have a really solid backyard both for the dogs, and for ourselves. Due to a pretty strict HOA, the builder wasn’t allowed to build a fence prior to closing so I made it my priority as soon as we moved in. We had heard anxiety-inducing stories from the neighborhood social media website that the HOA modification approval required for a fence took a solid month. The HOA governs what type of fence you can have and where on your lot it can fall, so I made sure to do as much research as I could to be prepared and jump right on it. I contacted various fence companies and moved through the estimate process quickly. (For anyone local in the market for a fence, I HIGHLY recommend Longoria’s Five Star Fencing.) As soon as I had the estimate, we got our neighbors to sign off on the modification request and submitted it to the HOA. I submitted it on a Sunday and had the approval from the HOA by Wednesday, so I was absolutely shocked and ecstatic that the stories we had heard didn’t apply to us. The fence company had a wait time of about 4 weeks so after that it was time for us to sit and wait for the day where I would have my first-ever fenced in yard.

The fence company reached out to us about 2 weeks later and let us know that if we could get GA811 to come mark our utility lines within 3 days that they would be able to squeeze us in early between other projects. The day they started two guys arrived at 5:30 am to knock it out hopefully in one day. I can honestly say I have never seen anyone working as hard as those two guys were. It was the middle of the summer in the sweltering heat and they were busting their butts-to this day I still admire their work ethic. I had never seen a split-rail fence being built so I camped out on the covered lanai and watched them all day in the least-creepy fashion that I could. First they marked out the area of the yard they would build along. They then laid out the support posts every 6 (maybe 8?) feet.



Next they dug out all of the holes. Once all the holes were dug, they measured out the posts, made their cuts for the height, poured concrete in the hole, then set the post.




Once all of the posts were set, they started on the rails. They clearly were seasoned pros because this part FLEW by. One of the guys would position the board, the other guy would nail.


The last steps were building the gates, adding the chicken wire, then attaching the decorative posts.


We are incredibly pleased with the final result and I love that I can let the dogs out without having to take them on a leash! You can see in some of the pictures that our house is at the top of a hill. The back half of our backyard is a large hill that goes down to that tree line. We opted not to run the fence the entire length of our property line and I’m thankful we didn’t. That hill is a monster to try to landscape and I like that the fence almost creates a barrier between our “livable yard” and nature.

Rex is still trying to learn how to be a free-range dog and we can’t wait for Rambo to come home from vacation in New Jersey to show him his new yard! Both of them have had to be taken out on a leash from the time that we got them until recently, so the adjustment phase has been funny. Rex still will walk a couple feet from you and then turn to look at you to make sure he’s allowed to be that far away πŸ™‚

We can’t wait for the temperature to cool down to where we can drag out the yard activites and play some corn hole! Let us know when you’re available πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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