Why a blog?

It’s absolutely no secret that I wish my full-time job was that of a DIYer. Over the last few years, I have really found that life is a lot less stressful when I’m covered in saw-dust, paint, or some other craft. By day I work as a pediatric emergency nurse and as much as I would love to say the in’s and out’s of that job don’t weigh on me, they do. Anybody who has worked a day in an emergency department could vouch when I say, if you want to make it out of there maintaining your sanity and not fall into a deep, dark hole, you have to find an outlet.

My outlet found me somewhat indirectly.

I’ve forever been a bargain shopper and every single purchase I make is met with a question in my head of “If I buy this item, it will cost me ___ hours worth of work. Is it really worth it?” Four years ago I had been looking long and hard for affordable options to buy in order to fill the space in my now husband and I’s first home. Every time I found something I liked, I would think to myself “I could make that for a whole lot less money and probably make it more in line with my style.”  Thus, the crazy crafter was born.

Since then, I have crafted many projects and it’s become a talking point for people to ask about whenever I see them. I have done projects as small as painting signs to completely renovating a guest bathroom, and even almost entirely DIYing my 2016 wedding. Construction is about to wrap up on our new home and I have SO MANY projects I want to tackle, I figured I would try to document them in order for you to follow along with me 🙂